DBA StudentDissertation Title
Pascal BecotteThe path to the top: An exploratory investigation into process, situational and personal characteristics influencing directors’ willingness to appoint a first-time CEO
Phil FergusonDistal factors and their effect on employees’ performance appraisal ratings and remuneration: A ratee’s perspective
Richard GameSME Internationalization: The influence of attitude on the decision to commit to advanced market entry modes
Golnaz GolnaraghiPostcoloniality, diversity discourses and corporate Canada: A critical discourse analysis of corporate images of the ‘immigrant’ at work
Colleen GradyExploring physician leadership development in healthcare organizations through the lens of complexity science
Lee HendersonEnvisioning successful sino-foreign university partnerships and strategies in 2030
Rosalie HildeWorkplace (in)equality: Making critical sense of Hong Kong Chinese immigrant experiences in the Canadian workplace
Keltie JonesMaking sense of strategic planning: An examination of the meaning and impact of a university’s strategic planning process
Margaret LawEmployee disengagement: The impact of role discrepancy, professional identity and organizational justice
Kara MitchelmoreThe role of legacy in implementing change in long standing organizations – A case study
Mark MorpurgoBeyond competency: The role of professional education in the development of meta-competencies
Michael OparaPublic private partnerships in Alberta’s transportation infrastructure: A study of the evolution of the institutional environment
Janet PorterThe hegemonies and antagonisms of gender equity discourse in the engineering profession
Nadine RobinsonCustomer feedback: The missing link in understanding customer engagement to accelerate firm improvements and innovation
Richard RushUsing learning taxonomy to enhance understanding of innovation adoption
Andrea SmilskiThe effects of individual institutional legitimacy judgments and employee psychological wellbeing on the organizational outcomes sickness absence and presenteeism
Kerri ThompsonRecruitment and selection of immigrant professionals in Canada
Richard VaillancourtCredit union mergers: Psychological contracts and organizational trust