Included in your graduation invitation which you will receive via email from AU main campus, is a link to a response form that includes a request for your height.  A ready-to-wear gown and hood will be rented on your behalf, labelled with your name and will be waiting for you at Athabasca University, in the robing room.

AU uses a traditional graduation hood in place of a graduation cap.

In medieval times, the hood was one part of a garment worn by the scholars to cover their shoulders or head to protect against cold or inclement weather. Today, the hood is worn down the back and is kept in place by a neckband which is placed over the head and rests on the shoulders.

What should I wear under my robe? 

Wear regular business dress, suitable for spring weather, under your robe. The gown has a long sleeve and open collar, and will complement many styles underneath.  A neutral coloured dress shirt (or shirt and tie) looks very nice for men and most styles of necklines look good on women.

You should receive your invitation in early April (or once your graduation has been confirmed if you graduate in April or May).  If you have not received your invitation by mid-May, phone Theresa Polok at 780-675-6377 or email her at