Faculty and academic partners from around the world contribute to AU’s rich academic and applied research pool that enhances every aspect of our graduate management programs. Core faculty and academic coaches, through their diverse research interests, add continuously to a rapidly growing body of theoretical and applied business knowledge.

Our growing online learning and researching community includes faculty, students, alumni, and our corporate partners and colleagues in business communities across the world. Together, we create a dynamic research environment that makes key linkages between theory and the reality of today’s complex business world.

Online Centre for Corporate Stewardship

The Online Centre for Corporate Stewardship is a collaborative online community of corporate stewards who promote the philosophy of corporate stewardship and increase research and effective educational programming in this area.

The Centre showcases our collaborative research and course offerings. However, the bigger goal is for the Centre to become a global nodal point for academics and practitioners to share knowledge, interact and develop new thinking to pursue the goal of corporate stewardship.

Project Research Institute

Athabasca University’s Project Research Institute is a new form of research institute designed to take advantage of the social networking power and crowd wisdom enabled by the World Wide Web to improve our knowledge and practice of project management.

AUFB Faculty

Individual faculty members post their research projects, publications, presentations, etc. on their profile pages. As well, each month our news and events section features research news under the “Faculty Notes” section.